Virtual walks - Visit and Stay around Benderloch

Benderloch, Scottish West Highlands
Tralee Bay Benderloch
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Virtual walks

New - the 2021 Lockdown walk

Original 2001 walk

The 2008 walk

Virtual walks on Beinn Lora - History
Here at HQ in 2020 we've been working slowly but steadily to bring some of the original 2001 walk back to life for viewing in today's browsers We've had to modify every page of the first, 2001 Virtual Walk up Beinn Lora. This had been designed with ability-affected walkers in mind but was rapidly rolled out when Foot and Mouth disease struck cattle in the UK in early 2001 and all mountain walking was effectively banned.

Thanks to publicity in national newspapers visitor numbers taking the virtual walk went up from dozens to thousands daily. Now Covid-19 is here it seems a good time to revisit the old route up the hill. Much of the forest has changed in the past 20 years but the views are still as good.
2001 was early days for digital photos, low resolution was the norm and site users were still on dial-up internet - ie very slow! This walk is stored in the archives and some of the technology used back then has been replaced, which means some features no longer work. I think we've disabled all these and have updated the links.

By 2008 internet speeds were faster and we could use better quality photos. So the 2008 walk was presented differently in that the text was enclosed within the image. That is not the best presentation for today's smartphones so this walk is now hosted on Adobe Spark where we can view all 112 photos on one long page. You'll notice how the walking tracks have changed following the start of forest harvesting.

By 2020 most of the coniferous forest had been harvested by Forestry and Land Scotland (formerly the Forestry Commission). A lot of work had been put in to remodelling the main track with the introduction of zigzags to replace the steeper parts. That said, it's still quite a seep hike in places and decent boots are recommended! Keeping up with technology by 2020 we'd obtained a clever camera which takes 360 degree panoramic HDR photos. This enabled us to make the 2020 version rather more interesting with the viewer able to control the picture and have a good look round.

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