is the entry point for several walks,
adventure trails and mountain-bike routes
through Barcaldine Forest.

The forest is located about three miles north of Benderloch,
on the main road (A828) to Glencoe and Fort William.
The trees cover the lower part of the hills with the tracks
leading up towards a man-made lake which acted as a
reservoir for the former Seaweed factory (now the Marine
Resource Centre and other businesses) located on the shore
of Loch Creran close to Sutherland's Grove.

Turn east off the main road onto a short track leading to the
car park and picnic area, study the illustrated maps and select
your route. We've walked most of them over the years and each
season has its own delights. There are not very many
view points on the lower walks, but if you get up to the reservoir
there are nice views through the hills and over Loch Creran.

At the moment we have only produced one virtual walk,
following the lowest of the tracks. But this is a good
introduction, through the coniferous forest, following
the burn uphill and including a spectacular
wooden bridge over the gorge.

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