ARDCHATTAN DRIVE - Benderloch circular

 UK map showing Benderloch

Centre of Benderloch village

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This series of pictures, photographed around Easter 2001 takes us on a scenic afternoon drive following a circular route from Benderloch round the parish of Ardchattan.

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The Virtual Drive

The route goes in an anti-clockwise direction, leaving Benderloch car park and heading south to North Connel. It then follows the north side of Loch Etive until the junction with the road to Barcaldine. Here it goes over a pass into Gleann Salach and rejoins the main road back to Benderloch at Barcaldine.

The views would look equally good if we'd gone clockwise - but the afternoon sunlight made for easier photo taking this way (and fewer cricked necks!)


The Real Thing

The journey is of about 12 miles and is equally scenic in either direction. The route is suitable for cyclists, as long as you don't mind the steep climb to Gleann Salach!

Have plenty of film in your camera, and wear strong shoes if you plan on walking far from the car. Remember much of the route is on single track roads - so please be courteous and watch out for wandering sheep!

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