"A Rugged Radiance"

a book by Steve Eccles

Photographs of the stunning scenery of the Scottish West Highlands.

This collection of my images shows the area in many lights and all seasons of the year - as I like to remember it when I'm away from the mountains, lochs and seascapes.

Many of the photographs are taken around Benderloch but I've extended the selection through the mainly coastal areas of the east side of Loch Linnhe to include images from the Loch Etive area in the south, northwards through Glencoe and on to the slopes around Ben Nevis.

"I think mountains are addictive and Scotland's mountains
particularly so - the sheer variety of shapes, size and
contour - get the camera out and snap a few pictures;
enjoy the scenery; enjoy the mountains; enjoy the life"
Steve Eccles speaking about his photography in the award winning film "Ben".

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